omg? wtf! yes. (atomsku) wrote in gameythingy,
omg? wtf! yes.

Project of the moment.

OK! It's that gameytimey again... and I really will make an attempt to completely do one of these projects... (remembers he's probally only threw together a lot of stuff here in relation to one project) BUT ANYWAY. here we go.

No title yet... but it'll be like River City Ransom. RCR is that fighting game for the NES where you of all things save the girl. However some imporvements on the system/tired plot scenario will be that my version of the game will be event driven... more freeform. There will be multiple playable characters, some hidden and all those other bells and whistles, but each one has a certain "path" to take in the game to get to whatever goal they have as their plot-quest. The player (in single player mode) will have two players to control, where while one is directly controlled by he/she the other will be run by some kinda AI. (working out that part WAAAaaAAY later) ...

Graphically speaking most of it will be done by hand. I've drawn up some stick-plates (skeletons for actual characters) and once I'm satisfied with them I'l make some gifs and display them to my audience of 1 person... myself XD

anyway, the platform will be Windows/DirectX cuz I wanna actually use what little I know of it and learn more and the whole nine yards. So for now, thats about it.
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