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o_O;'s Journal

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Sunday, May 26th, 2002
9:45 pm - let's update Gameythingy! ^_^;
atomsku Lately I haven't really thought of any gameplay mechanics, mostly due to work-related programming stuff and other things. But since the focus of my work has been more programming balanced, I've thought of more things on the programming end of the project.

I have the direct X SDK at this point, while I haven't installed it and toyed around with it. I've fiddled around with some FAQs and from what I've read I think that instead of doing the harder and more complicated "implement a 2d environment in a 3d world" method, aka direct3d... I'll just stick to the directDraw portion of the program. Due to laziness on my side, I'm pretty sure that this game won't feature any windows menus and such, unless I decide to code it out in VB instead of VC++...

I'm not sure how well VB would be in doing this game though... I've only used VB in the Access environment. @_@;

So I'm pretty sure that the language for the game will be C++... Its what I have more experience in and therefore must be good. @_@;

on another note, the characters... I decided to definately go with new characters, instead of using any of my older designs. I think that would be better in the long run because in theory, this game will be popular and cool and everyone will play it and there may just be some money that can come out of it... O_O;

you never know.... but we'll worry about that at a WAaaaaaAAay later date.

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